from crystal to ultra stable oscillator development with AR-e

High Quality QUARTZ for space application

specifications on request

High Quality LGT (langatate) resonator more stable than the same in Quartz ?

A partnership with FEMTO-ST institute, Rakon, Senseor and Cristal innov aims to validate it on BAw and SAW resonators

Collaborative projects (piezo crystals)


02/02/2016 - review RAPID projects on  langatate and AlN single crystals development for SAW & BAW devices



A new saw equipment will arrive this summer for cutting large crystals (4'') 


Regional and local development


14/01/16 - TechnoFab incubator : steering committee meeting



Strategic crystal and product chain

01/02/16 - "Crystal inside" : presentation meeting


           ANR HeCATE
project review 21/01/2016 (IEMN - Lille)
-a PhD from ICMCB (Bordeaux) will join Crystal innov in April to scale up a lead free single crystal growth process
- progress in lead free ceramics process

Collaborative projects


14/01/2016 -  review FUI CrisPol  project :

equipement / Process / slurries / control development for single crystal polishing technology

Collaborative projects

Collaborative projects

Piezo crystals


21/01/2016 - review ANR HeCATE project 

lead free piezo materials for US applications

Collaborative projects

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