LANCASTER : Langatate single crystal for SAW and BAW devices in high temperature environment (>500 °C)

ALCASAR : AlN single crystal thin film on sapphire substrate for SAW and BAW devices for defense applications

SMART-INN : innovative materials and high quality wafers for hyperfrequency sources

HeCATE : Lead Free bulk crystals for ultrasonic applications (medical, defense)

CRISPOL : development of equipment / process / slurries / in situ control for single cristal wafers


high quality Langatate development for higher stable resonators BAw & SAW than those made of Quartz.

Clymene : Czochralski growth of Li2MoO4 crYstals for the scintillating boloMeters used in the rare EveNts sEarches


Crystal innov : begining of the technology chain, begining of projects, begining of success...

Sylvain Ballandras  

CEO Frec|N|Sys

between R&D and industry : Crystal innov is both a prtner and the right place for scale-up process and parts production

Philippe Veber - Crystal grower

ICMCB Bordeaux

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